Hello, lovelies!

My name is Giovanna Aponte, and I am a Mental Health Advocate. It is my pleasure to introduce to you The Mental Health Hub! Through this blog, I aim to share my experiences and knowledge with you all in hopes of collective enlightenment and healing. I’m passionate about helping others discover peace and fulfillment through mental health awareness; currently earning my life coaching certification, my goal is to lead others to live a more blissful and holistic lifestyle.

Blog Schedule > Mental Health Monday’s

Every Monday, you can expect posts that are centered around a variety of topics, some of which will include healing your mind, moving beyond past traumas, achieving fulfilling relationships with self/others, and the benefits of holistic practices.

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We hope to bring forth a great deal of value that can last you a lifetime. We’ll see you next Monday as you begin to take charge of your mental health!

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