Hello, Hippies.

My name is Jameson Pierre, and I’m a Music Explorer on the quest of discovering unknown new music while getting to know the artists who are crafting the next sound. Personally, I love searching for music. It might be a slight obsession to that end but it’s so worth it to get that feeling inside of your soul. Be it the hook that won’t leave your mind even days after hearing it, lyrics that you can’t stop repeating, the production that gives you the classic stank face while bobbing your head like the great Jay-Z meme.

Since moving to Orlando about three years ago, I’ve heard a plethora of great music from this state, undoubtedly have had moments that were, but I always question myself and others: who are these great, talented, hidden people? Why are they not getting the platform or time to show themselves and their stories to the rest of the world?

This is The Venture, a blog by me; only positive energy and talks here. Thanks to We The Future, I get to meet those potential future (Ha!) artists of tomorrow today and give them the platform to just say “hello world”.

– forever and always, hope you have a great day.