Are you prepared for your superpowers?

We’ve all seen the running joke on social media recently that we’ll be obtaining superpowers on December 21st when The Great Conjunction takes place. The gag is, self-awareness IS a superpower. When we first go within, that is when we benefit from key astrological transits such as these.

A conjunction occurs when two planets appear close to one another in space to the human eye. Saturn and Jupiter are the two planets that will be conjunct. This conjunction happens once every 20 years, but this particular conjunction is monumental as it is the first time in 400 years that they’ve come this close to each other. It has been 800 years since this conjunction was visible to the human eye in the night sky.

In astrology, Saturn is known as the planet of discipline, structure, and responsibility. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, philosophy, and optimism. On this day, they are both in the sign of Aquarius, marking a shift in the mindset of society at large. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius through December 2021, and Saturn will remain in Aquarius through March 2023. Aquarius represents innovation, humanitarian ideals, original thought, inventiveness and rebellion. Prepare for our societal traditions as we know them to change, including how our government, educational system, and work structures function.

We saw a glimpse of this earlier in the year when Saturn briefly shifted into Aquarius and the protests for George Floyd became an international movement to honor his life and fight for the equal rights and protection of black Americans. We also collectively shifted our mindset in lockdown due to the coronavirus, with the importance of technology to bring us all together becoming even more critical. This allowed us to take a step back, reset, and rebuild in the midst of fighting for change.

With this Great Conjunction, we are called to continue to move in this energy of resetting and rebuilding. We must prioritize our health by focusing on physical fitness, eating clean, and properly hydrating our bodies. Undertaking shadow work will be key to become more self-aware and identify triggers within ourselves to benefit our loved ones and everyone we come in contact with. If you do not currently have a meditative practice, this is a major key to life in order to connect with your higher self. It enables you to better listen to your intuition and ensure you are in alignment with what will bring you peace, abundance, and prosperity. Focus on deepening your spiritual practice in the way you see fit, as this can look different for all of us. If we all move in this energy, we can reap the most benefits from this societal shift and remain prepared for additional events as monumental as this astrological transit. Continue to move in self-awareness and love for others. An incredible 2021 is yours.