Single, SUPERSONIC by alternative artist Moyoswrld; was given to us on a Wednesday in July. It was a joyful surprise when I was put on to this new release because I have heard music from Moyo before. Moyoswrld is a super talented artist with an eclectic sound from the central Florida area. I am familiar with the single Its Alright, as it is one of my favorite songs from her discography so far. The artist’s ability to switch up her sound effortlessly from r&b Its Alright, to poppy SUPERSONIC is impressive! Both singles give a different vibe and show the creator’s agility. Supersonic is the newest release single from Moyoswrld and quoted as her best release yet, after getting over 1k streams on Apple music in less than three days! The single is a fun addition to a playlist, with its airy, upbeat tempo beat; production by A6. Check out SUPERSONIC above, and if you love what you hear, go stream on all platforms! I’m excited to see what Moyoswrld has next for us. Discover more from Moyo on Instagram @moyoswrld.