How we do it

Mission & Vision

We The Future is a brand that focuses on cultivating a creative pipeline through the use of music and the arts; it was conceived in 2015 through the vision of our founder, Brandon Payne. We have recognized through the years that since the arts is a universal language amongst the collective, it is imperative that we center our work around that.

Our mission is community based with a focus on nurturing creative youth by building platforms for artistic expression, spiritual wellness, and professional mentorship since 2017. Some of these platforms UCFEST, the University of Central Florida’s first indie festival, Vestheticz, Culture Shyft, and our main event, Hippie Hideout along with our cause based event, AWVRE, an annual HIV/AIDS awareness symposium.

We The Future has grown exponentially via our affiliate and ambassador programs, as well as the expansion of our internal team and its operations. We see our brand growing into one that continues the work first through our community in order to take our mission worldwide.

Our Upcoming Events