The world is full of creators clocking in daily to have their craft seen or heard. It is time for all hardworking and talented artists to take their craft more seriously and show the world their capabilities. We The Future is a movement to give local talent a platform. Each week we’re going to put you on to a new artist. We will share a project, a video, or song and some questions for the artist.

Name: Ceion

Hometown: Orlando, Fl

Current Location: Orlando, Florida

Zodiac: Scorpio

Latest Project: The First Ones

Singer/Songwriter Ceion shows his vulnerability by sharing his first-ever Ep titled The First Ones. Ceion began his chase with music in 2016. In those years of working on his craft, the artist has gained life lessons and perfected his sound. Ceion states, “Through trial and error, hella insecurities, and growing through that. I’m proud to say that these first songs “The First Ones” are my official welcome .”

The First Ones is a short yet sweet EP; It is a fifteen-minute project composed of five songs. Ceion considers himself to be a genuine R&B artist. Making sure you feel every word that he sings. With his heartfelt lyrics and monotonous yet angelic voice, each song is bound to put you in your feelings.


“Can I Come Over” is my favorite song off of The First Ones. It’s a track for the

sneaky links, the cuddle buddies, your situationship boo. The song samples Come Over from the great R&B singer Aaliyah, and by adding his poetic melody, Ceion makes the track his own.


What is the genre of music you create?

C: I create genuine R&B if it’s not genuine it’s not worth it. If you can’t feel it. It’s not worth making

What have you been listening to lately that’s been inspiring to you and your craft?

C: What don’t I listen to. I just really love music.

From electronic to R&B (of course), to rock, pop everything inspires me. But in that, I use that influence to try and make music that you don’t really hear. While incorporating inspiration at the same time. Like D’Angelo inspires me so deeply with how he structures his harmonies and his timing is so perfectly pocketed right behind the tempos of his songs. I use that inspiration in different ways to see how I can make each song move differently.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2021?

C: The rest of this year you can expect visuals and more music. Excited for you guys to see what’s coming!

Put Ceion on your radar as he continues to share his music with us. Follow him on Instagram @ceion.wav to keep up with his artistry and live performances. Stream The First Ones on all platforms.