A route to FREEDOM.

The independent conscious artist is one who listens to their music with a critical ear for the values expressed in their art. This is done from the moment the thought of a lyric enters the mind, before the pen touches paper or the voice blesses the mic. The message in the music is to inspire, motivate, teach, record history, and more. To be conscious is to be self-aware of one’s effect on themselves and others. To be cognizant of the intent behind each action, the energy and vibration music carries, and of the impact one can leave behind in this world. It is to understand that words have power and should be said with intention, as they can create your reality. Music such as this can’t be contained in any regard or trapped in a box by the constraints of societal taste; the artist is the tastemaker and moves independently of preordained structures. An independent conscious artist isn’t signed to a label. Instead, they market and distribute their work independent of a corporate machine.

The We The Future Movement (WTF) founded by Brandon “IAMPVYNE” Payne champions the independent conscious artist and provides them with a platform and a network. WTF has been incredibly impactful since its inception, and the opportunities created for independent conscious artists has not been seen in this way before. It was established for creatives without a business plan to propel them toward owning their brand and business through the outlet WTF provides.

The monthly Hippie Hideout event has been impactful in Orlando, giving creatives a space to vibe with each other and network on a Friday night. The event is an open-mic kickback, so attendees have an alternative to the club scene. PVYNE seeks to create more opportunities like this for artists, but he doesn’t intend to be the only one. Focused on moving the needle nationwide, PVYNE has made multiple contacts throughout the states including New York City, Miami, and Houston. The plan is to have a network on-the-ground ready to host similar events and broaden the network all artists affiliated with WTF have access to.

The process to become an affiliate is made easy, without the yellow tape artists have come to find blocking opportunities in the industry. PVYNE’s passion has an ultimate purpose:

empower the artists to build their brand, become their own business, profit from their art, and continue to pour back into the community as he has. The youth will be inspired by the artists they see in their community, and a positive cycle continues. If there is one truth PVYNE and all WTF affiliates hold true, it is that the independent conscious artist is a pillar of our society and should be respected as such.