To our influential community of entrepreneurs: We The Future is here to serve you and your career! As a WTF Member, you are presented with unlimited opportunities that include a range of benefits for current and future business owners. As a bronze member, you access to multiple creative programs, staffing opportunities, and an endless stream of events with networking opportunities. Affiliate marketing, business funding resources, vendor opportunities, and hosting workshops tailored to your professional craft are presented through our silver and gold memberships.

Since 2017, our mission has been rooted in community with a focus on nurturing creatives by building platforms for artistic expression, spiritual wellness, and professional mentorship. ‚ÄčThe purpose of our organization is to encourage past, present, and future generations of creatives to build their platform and pursue their purpose. Over the years, we have forged a community that stands upon collectively joining the skills and talents of each individual in order to cultivate a beneficial network for everyone.

We hope to connect with you soon. Not an LLC? Have one and ready to put it to great use? Let us be a stepping stone through our three tiered membership! For more information, use the links below to book your 15 minute consultation.

To join our freelancer network, you do not need to have an LLC.

To join our affiliate network, you must have a business license (LLC, 501c3, sole proprietorship, or s-corp/c-corp).