IAMPVYNE is on a mission to use his influence for the greater good of us all. If you haven’t yet heard of artivism, this is your opportunity. As PVYNE explained to me, artivism was birthed out of the 2020 political scene, from COVID to police killings to the protests as a result. Artivism asks us to consider how we use our creativity to affect change. When I sat down with PVYNE, he pointed out that for the last seventy-plus years, we tried peaceful protests and they were effective, but as walking loses its efficacy, we need to reconsider what we do moving forward.

We The Future (WTF) went to meetings with grassroots organizers and found that “their way” is the “only way” and it slows change because it isn’t truly collaborative. Community events with entertainment draw the largest crowds, and WTF sought to make use of that fact. Artists are to be utilized not only for entertainment but to move the needle and culture, to do the community work. Artivism is in paintings, murals, music, drawings, film, and more. There is no limit to the message that can be conveyed through art, with the consumer always having the opportunity to create their own meaning. Artivism doesn’t limit the scope of the issue for the consumer of the art. With art carrying so much meaning to each individual, it instead broadens their perspective and forces them to question injustices, their capabilities, to spark the passion in them to fight for their beliefs.

What PVYNE knows for certain is that WTF is capable of relaying behind politicians. WTF is developing a telethon, a local support telethon for upcoming elected officials involving teachers and the school district. It will be similar to a town hall, but with a solution. The telethon will take place in July 2021 and will be called Comm-Unity. Anyone interested in participating in the telethon or donating monetarily to the telethon’s success can contact PVYNE or a WTF affiliate directly to offer assistance. United we stand, divided we fall.